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For most projects, we will refinish the existing top in place, but on the project shown to the left, the Formica had holes drilled into the top that could not be repaired.  With all of the unique sizes and cuts on the tops a replacement solid surface tops was going to cost the client $4,800 plus installation.

As a cost and time saver to the client, we cut the tops in the field to fit the cabinets and then finished them with our 3-step rolled on stone to give the client a finished product in days instead of weeks with thousands of dollars saved.  Call us for a FREE project review to see what we can do for your tops appearance in a timely manner that saves you time & money  

An updated counter top can make the Kitchen or Bath look brand new!

Do you have an old ugly Formica or Laminate counter top in your Kitchen or Bath?  But not quite ready for a big dollar renovation and remodeling?

Not a problem with our Mineral Stone Rolled on top refinish system that make your Kitchen or Bath look like new at a fraction of the cost.  Call to schedule a FREE, NO obligation review of your top finish needs.